3 Ways to Improve Communications – Hot Tubs Phoenix, Spas Dealer Superstition Springs

“June is effective communication month, the perfect time to learn how to become more in tune with the needs of others and understand how to relate personal needs and attitudes,” said Melinda Dalacas.

Here are three ways to talk comfortably with loved ones for better communication and stronger relationships.

Add a Hot Tub to the Backyard for the Perfect Conversation Area – Adding a small hot tub to a patio or a swim spa in the yard creates a fun, attractive environment to talk and spend quality time with friends and family. Soothing jet massage and warm water reduce stress and anxiety.

Be the One to Get Things Started – Conversations often flow easily once started. Encourage everyone to talk openly and be a role model by asking questions of others to get the conversation moving. For younger members of the family, make sure the discussions are age-appropriate, and that older members take the time to explain more complex issues with children.

Listen Carefully – When one person is talking, it is important to listen and pay attention. By instilling this idea into daily conversations, people are more likely to open up and discuss things that really concern them. Listening doesn’t have to mean being silent. Show interest by asking questions and talking about possible solutions to problems. 

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