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“July is Social Wellness month, the perfect time to learn how to reconnect with loved ones, casual relationships and close friends in the real world.” said Melinda Dalacas, manager of Southwest Spas.

Here are three ways to break free of gadgets and reconnect with friends and family.

Create a Social Spot at Home with a Hot Tub — Hot tubs are marvelous congregation spots. People are drawn to the warm, soothing water and with so many different styles of spas, everyone can find one that suits their style. Plus, many offer exciting entertainment options that attract all members of the family. 

Volunteer at Local Community Spots — There are many ways to socialize with others looking to connect near home. Put special skills to use by coaching local children teams, teaching arts and craft, dance or helping out at community centers. 

Don’t Miss Out on Events — Avoid rushing home to sit at a computer or talk on the cell phone. Activities like these tend to neglect important social opportunities. When co-workers socialize after work, go along. Attend family events and encourage younger family members to join clubs and teams at school.

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