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Tuesday, May 28 2013

Like most people, you’re probably well aware of the health and entertainment benefits of having your very own hot tub. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a few years, you’ve done the research and visited the dealers but you’re just waiting a little longer before making the investment. If you’re still unsure if now is the time, here are three very compelling reasons why you should consider buying your very own hot tub this summer.

No. 1: Get Those Joints Limber Again - Middle age doesn’t feel too middle when it’s agonizing just to get out of bed in the morning. Do yourself a favor and stop living with pain and discomfort when you can soak your way to improved health in just twenty minutes a day. Imagine increased flexibility, increased range of motion and no more painful swollen, overworked muscles and joints. With heat, massage and buoyancy, any type of chronic pain, from low back or shoulders to your neck is relieved instantly. Get those joints limber again and do it in comfort and style from your very own backyard.

No. 2: Quality Family Time - As a parent, you probably know more than most how challenging it can be to find the time or energy to spend with the kids. With television, iPods, iPhones and everything else, just getting their attention is difficult. Having a hot tub in the back yard is the perfect way to create a family fun activity that everyone – including you, will enjoy and look forward to. Make an event out of Sundays this summer and light the grill, turn on the radio and have some real, meaningful conversations with your kids. A hot tub as a focal point is a non-threatening way to invite laughter, make memories and share good, quality time with your family from the comforts of home.

No. 3: Sleep Better, Feel Better - You’re not alone if you think tossing and turning at night is just part of the aging process. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be and with a few minutes in the hot tub before bed you can finally start to get the deep, peaceful restful sleep you haven’t experienced in years. Sure, you can relax, unwind and get comfortable in the warm water of a hot tub, but it’s more than that. In fact, studies confirm that the body transitions from awake to sleep easier when the body temperature drops prior to going to bed.

Using a hot tub for twenty minutes prepares the body for sleep by raising core body temperature. When you get out of the tub, you naturally feel ready for bed as your temperature drops and your body prepares to sleep. With regular use, insomnia can be a thing of the past replaced by the deep, restful sleep of your youth.

If this is the summer for making a change, why not make it a healthy lifestyle choice that can bring years of family fun, entertainment and improved health to your family and loved ones? Investing in a hot tub is the perfect way to usher in a summer full of restful nights, laughter and good times for all. 

“To help local residents understand how portable spas, hot tubs and swim spas can help improve overall health and well-being, Southwest Spas will provide free hot tub test soaks during the entire month,” said Melinda Dalacas, owner at Southwest Spas.  “We want to encourage local residents to check out the benefits of a relaxing soak in the soothing waters of a hot tub for themselves.”

Hot Tub Spa Tempe, Hottubs Mesa

Consumers wanting to learn more about hot tubs or about the $500 Wellness package (Massage Certificate/Health and Beauty Items) with the purchase of hot tub or swim spa this month are encouraged to visit the company website at

About Southwest Spas

In 1983, Southwest Spas was founded as a family owned and operated business. Originally established as a pool, spa and patio supply company. The desire to help people in need of therapy, stress relief and family time motivated us to focus our efforts on spas. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality spa line in the industry along with exceptional customer service.

Southwest Spas has achieved elite status with Dimension 1 Spas along with multiple "Dealer of the Year" awards for sales and service. Our business is still owned and operated and sales are based mostly on referrals. We have changed thousands of people's lives by providing state of the art product that relieves pain, stress and brings friends and family together. We'd love for you to be a part of our growing family. We look forward to making you a part of our family.

To learn more, pick up a copy of our free report First Time Spa Buyers Most Frequently Asked Questions.  Just go to or call 480-969-6224

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