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Investing in a hot tub is an opportunity to invest in yourself. With improved health and well-being, entertainment and pure relaxation, there’s nothing better than having your own dream retreat right outside the backdoor.

But with an industry full of different makes and models, all with varying features and price points, how do you choose?

And more importantly, what can you do to ensure you get the most value for your purchasing dollar? Here are a few tips for first time buyers that are sure to get you on the right road to buying a hot tub you – and your wallet – will enjoy.

Think About What You Want Before Shopping – These days, consumers are smart. That means they use all the available resources to make informed decisions before they lay out the cash. And that’s a good thing. Particularly with a large investment like a hot tub, taking a few minutes to think about what you are looking for and why can save you time, energy, and money. Sure, it’s tempting to walk into a showroom and buy the shiny model with all the bells and whistles. But chances are, if you haven’t narrowed your choices to those models that will suit your needs best, you’re sure to be disappointed.

Think about who will use the spa and how. Is it for you and your spouse, or a large extended family? Do you want to entertain or are you more interested in the hydrotherapeutic benefits? Answers to these types of questions will help you choose the right seating arrangements, jet positioning and more.

Research Dealers in Your Area – Quality dealers with business longevity sell quality products and provide quality service. It’s as simple as that. Researching dealers in your area ensures you make the right choice the first time. Ask local businesses for references or go online and read customer reviews. It’s helpful to choose a dealer with an in-house service department and trained staff on site, to assist with service and maintenance. Finally, never consider purchasing online. When something needs attention, or if you have questions, it’s always better to have a knowledgeable expert to turn to.

Look for Energy Efficient Models – In today’s economy, it’s never a bad thing to save money. And with hot tubs, there is a wide selection of quality brands and models that offer reduced savings through energy efficient features. LED lighting, cost efficient heaters and pumps, even the right cover can save you hundreds of dollars. Look into models where these types of features are standard, not optional. Ask your dealer to recommend a brand that has earned a reputation for delivering a quality, money-saving product.

Buying a hot tub is an exciting opportunity to enjoy family friendly entertainment, significantly improve your health and just have fun. Make it as successful as possible by taking time to plan ahead, researching a few quality dealerships in your area and looking for those models where energy efficiency is priority one.

Hot Tub Dealer Mesa, Hot Tubs Tempe, AZ

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