Mesa Hot Tubs, Gilbert Spa Dealer Participates in Effective Communication Month

Southwest Spas and Southwest Spas and Pools, selling new and used spas and hot tubs, swim spas and lap pools serving the greater Phoenix Arizona area publishes 3 Important Ways to Improve Communication. “Without good communication, misunderstandings and trouble are bound to occur,” says Melinda Dalacas, manager of Southwest Spas and Pools.

June is Effective Communication Month, a time to discover better ways to talk to friends, family and business associates and create a better and healthier life. Here are the three top ways to improve communication.

Where People Talk is as Important as What They Talk About Regardless of what the topic of conversation is, the place is as important, in many ways, as the words. When people talk about anything of importance and there is a lot of commotion in the background, they are less likely to pay attention. People can make a fun and enjoyable conversation area in their own homes with a portable spa. Hot tubs are naturally relaxing, they are fun for friends and family of all ages, and they are an attractive gathering spot. This makes it easy to start up conversations of even the most difficult nature without tension and anxiety creeping in to spoil the mood. Set the hot tub to an enjoyable temperature so long, relaxed soaking is easy, and let the ambiance create the perfect setting for heart-felt conversations that strengthen relationships for life.

Helpful or Interesting Information is a Great Communication Starter Not sure what to talk about? Regardless of whether the tone of the conversation is jovial or serious, sometimes it is difficult to start up a conversation, even with the closest of friends and loved ones. When a conversation is needed to straighten out a problem it can be helpful to start out with a subject of conversation that is close in relation to the topic at hand. Bringing up interesting new facts, or obscure old ones, can break the ice and start up the conversation that becomes a segue into the desired area.

Deeds Follow Words Don’t forget that no matter how well intended words are during a conversation, if actions don’t follow through with the thoughts expressed, they mean very little. That not only destroys the effects of a conversation after-the-fact but makes it more difficult for others to accept what is said in the future. Before making any promises or declarations during a conversation, think about what the statements will mean in the future, and if it is something that can actually be carried out.

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