The hot tub ozone system is one of the most important advances in the portable spa industry. All three D1® systems have ozone generators, often called “ozonators” for short. They’re called that because they produce ozone gas; ozone is a form of oxygen.

Ozone is the natural result of a lightning strike. It produces that clean smell in the air after a thunderstorm. Ozone is also generated in the upper atmosphere by UV light, which protects us from harmful, excessive solar radiation.

The D1® ozone generator uses electricity and an ultraviolet, or UV, light bulb to produce ozone. The light bulb is housed within the ozonator device, which is enclosed inside your spa’s cabinet. The ozonator converts O2, oxygen, to O3, ozone.

Though ozone is a form of oxygen, it kills germs and purifies your portable spa’s water. Chlorine does the same thing, of course. However, using ozone to sanitize your water means you can reduce the amount of chlorine you use. Too much chlorine isn’t good for your hair, skin or the environment.

D1®’s ozone generators do their work in a separate, virtually closed system. After your hot tub water is circulated through your hot tub’s filter, it passes through a special, sealed chamber where the mixture of water and ozone gas safely kills bacteria and viruses and breaks down lotions, oils and other unwanted substances. Impurities not trapped in the filter get safely broken down and destroyed on contact with ozone.

Ozone gas remains in its ozone gas state for a very short period of time- from a few seconds to a few minutes at most. Once it does its work, it reverts to life-giving oxygen, the kind we breathe. This process improves water clarity, maximizes spa user comfort, reduces chemical use, reduces your handling and storage of chemicals, and saves you money on the purchase of chemicals like chlorine, chemicals that you would otherwise need much more of if you didn’t have an ozonator.

As long as electricity is supplied to D1®’s UltraPURE® system, the ozonation process takes place behind the scenes, automatically, virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.