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“People often associate injury or illness recovery with physical therapy. However, there is a much broader concept behind the need for movement and physical therapy”, said Melinda Dalacas, manager of Southwest Spas and Pools. Here are three ways to increase movement and physical health.

Reduce Muscle Strain with Hydrotherapy – Hydrotherapy is an extremely effective method of physical activity that is also healing and safe. Portable spas are easily installed in the home, and make a great place for people to move in the buoyant atmosphere of water.  It also offers a spot to soothe sore muscles in the temperature controlled hot water.

Set Expectations – Starting off with gusto on a new workout plan is one of the fastest ways to end up in bed and in pain. Develop a workout plan that pushes the boundaries, but doesn’t end up doing more harm than good. Talk to a trained physical therapist or physician to get more information on sensible ways to start a daily exercise routine safely.

Improve Posture Daily – A simple, low impact, stress-free way to improve physical motion and movement is to focus on improving posture. The way people stand, sit and move every day has a tremendous impact on how much strain is placed on the body. Posture exercises can protect joints and muscles, potentially decreasing the need for medication. 

To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of this free buyer’s guide “First Time Spa Buyers Most Frequently Asked Questions.” just call either the Mesa or Gilbert showroom or visit https://www.southwestspas.com/

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