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Visit Our Mesa, AZ Spa Dealership & Showroom And See Our Spas In Action For Yourself!

Buying a spa for your home is different than buying most any other product. That’s because it is a very personal decision based on your requirements that we precisely match with one of our unique spa models. Discover the most individualized spa buying experience in Arizona when you buy from Southwest Spas. Our team will spend as much time as you need showing you all the incredible features our spas have to offer. What’s more, you can schedule a wet test today. There’s nothing like feeling the rejuvenating water massage for yourself! As you explore all of the distinct benefits of our spas (including many that are patented and simply not available anywhere else), our team will show you the myriad options you can enjoy, such as Liquid FX (LFX), sound systems and more!

Be prepared to totally update your thinking when it comes to spas – ours are innovative, luxurious, incredibly attractive and just plain remarkable! Seeing and feeling them in action is an experience you don’t want to miss!



Water that's not just pure, it's ultrapure.

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Easy to use features. Just sit back and relax.

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Easy to use controls. Just sit back and relax .

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Sustainable building and design

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