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Step up, Step in, Start living. D1 Spas found the right way to combine affordable enjoyment, luxury, and Performance. Whether it’s for healing, relaxing, family fun, or creating uncompromising intimacy and romance, the @Home Hot Tub does it all.

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Spa Description: Reminiscent of the original, barrel-style hot tubs, the Journey can entertain up to 4 guests in this barrier-free seating design, featuring incredibly strong jet hydraulics, 120V conversion and a new whirlpool diverter jet.


Spa Description: Serenade’s small size belies the big massage to be found within! It comfortably seats three and features roomy semi-contoured, multi-level seating next to the head-to-toe therapy of the NFJ® equipped UltraLounge®. Serenade boasts two powerful massage jets in the NeckFlex Jet System®, D1’s patented neck and shoulders massage system not offered by any other hot tub maker!


Spa Description: D1 Spas proudly presents the brand new Latitude. The largest, most powerful, fully-featured hot tub in its class. The exclusive UltraLounge®, patented NeckFlex Jet PillowTM, and dual pop-up water fountains are just some of the features that can be found in this new backyard retreat.


Spa Description: This versatile hot tub features two distinctly different therapy seats. A deep, powerful therapy massage “for him” features our patented NeckFlex? Jet Pillow and provides the ultimate in comfort for a wide range of users. “For her”, a “not so deep” therapy seat offers a more subtle massage for the back and Shoulder-Top Jets target aching shoulder muscles. The Wayfarer’s 44 jets offer a powerful yet soothing massage.


Spa Description: The mid-size Dream offers a comfortable recliner and spacious seating for up to six. Whether it’s for a private soak or spending time with family, the Dream is, by far, the best value in its class.


Spa Description: The Sojourn delivers the ultimate in comfort and performance so sit back and enjoy its 44 jets and countless massage variations. Whether relaxing alone in this 4-corner seating spa, entertaining friends or spending time with family, the Sojourn will ensure a fun and relaxing environment everyone will enjoy.


Spa Description: The Cove is ideal for a small patio or garden-area and will fit through a standard door. This versatile tub is available in either 240V or 120V, which allows for convenient plug-in to a wall outlet.


Spa Description: Share your morning meditation or rekindle the romance with a nighttime escape in the Companion. Its compact design is perfect for couples with seating up to three, and features 20 jets and a four horsepower pump.



Spa Description: Reminiscent of the original, barrel-style hot tubs, the Arena™ awakens a youthful nostalgia of fun days in the sun. Entertain up to seven guests in this classic barrier-free seating design, featuring blue glass tile accents, spacious foot well, and an authentic Typhoon jet.


Spa Description: The Breeze™ offers comfortable open seating for up to seven adults, with barrier-free, multi-level seating and foot jets in a dome-free footwell to make it easy to communicate and move around. With tactile therapy in footwell and a six-inch adjustable waterfall placed at the top of a jetted seat, this model delivers soothing relief from your neck to your feet.

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