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With most people leading busier lives than just a few decades ago, it’s no surprise that more of us are experiencing stress headaches as part of everyday life. More intense than a common headache, a stress headache comes on quick, without much warning and is at best, a disruption, at worst, completely debilitating. In addition to traditional medication, you might be surprised to learn that using a hot tub is an effective way to find relief fast. Here’s why soaking in the bubbly may be the answer to stress headache relief. 

Massage Stimulates Muscles – One of the key characteristics of the hot tub is massage. People enjoy soaking because of the powerful jets that push streams of warm water anywhere you position them. With a variety of moveable jets, it’s easy to target stiff, painful neck muscles. Turning the head from side-to-side as massaging water penetrates deep under the skin releases lactic acid, which decreases pain. High-powered jets reach the arms, legs, back and shoulders, relaxing every muscle in the body. After only ten minutes of soaking, the body releases endorphins, which decrease pain even more.

Heat Improves Circulation, Dulls Pain – Another great benefit that comes from sitting in the heated water of a hot tub is improved circulation. High heat dilates blood vessels, causing blood to move faster. With a headache, the faster blood can deliver oxygen and nutrients to your head and surrounding area, the less pain you experience. Sitting in the hot tub can also maximize the effects of over-the-counter pain relievers as they move more efficiently through the blood stream. There is evidence to suggest that combining caffeine with ibuprofen prior to sitting in the hot tub can optimize pain relief, bringing you the satisfaction you need even quicker. 

Soaking Reduces Stress – Soaking in a hot tub is an easy way to relax tight muscles and joints. The tight, uncomfortable feeling that causes headache pain begins to fade as soon as heated water makes contact. From the head to the toes, all-over body relaxation occurs, which soothes away stress instantly. Overall stress reduction decreases the severity of a headache and is enhanced through massaging jets which work out knots and areas of tightness in the shoulders, lower back and neck that cause headaches.  Using a hot tub on a regular basis is a smart and healthy way to manage stress. 

Stress headaches are no fun. And while over-the-counter medications may provide temporary relief, using a hot tub is an easy, convenient and super effective way to bring about long lasting, true relief. With targeted massage, improved blood circulation and reduced stress, finding relief is as simple as relaxing with a long soak in the warm water. 

Swim Spas Phoenix, Used Hot Tubs Scottsdale

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