Dimension one spa has always understood that keeping your energy cost as low as possible is yet another way to help you enjoy your spa experience. Here are a few of the ways we have built one of the most energy-efficient spas.

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100% Full Foam Insulation

Our EPA approved Polyurethane Foam Insulation is used to seal your hot tubs from the elements. This ensures that heat loss is kept to our minimum standards, which is more stringent than any other hot tub manufacturer in the industry to save you more on energy costs.

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Ultra Pure Water Management System

D1 uses low power, 98 Watt circulation pumps to purify your water. In fact, 84% of the power that Ultrapure uses is returned to the water as heat, warming your hot tub for free.

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Precision Plumbing

All D1 hot tubs are expertly engineered and plumbed so that the Hydramax pumps are best utilized, ensuring that there is no wasted energy or horsepower. This means a smaller, more efficient pump that retains as much jet power as those of our larger competitors.

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High-Density Foam Covers

Every D1 hot tub has a custom cover that has been tailored specifically to fit the hot tub model it is delivered on. In addition to a tight fit on the edges, every cover has a linear heat seal on the seam to prevent heat loss. With a 4" to 2.5" tapered cover, full heat insulation protection is virtually guaranteed.

View Our Spa Energy Guides

When you click on a specific model on our spa model page, be sure to view the low estimated cost to operate your hot tub by clicking on the energy guide.

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